Ephrat Abisror,
Marketing Writer and Brand Empowerment Consultant at your service

My expertise includes:

• Bilingual and international orientation
Extensive experience in working with Israeli brands targeting international markets in addition to Israeli markets, with emphasis on English (American) speaking markets; strong understanding and awareness of cultural differences and nuances needed for the conversion of marketing messages and proprietary content between Israeli Hebrew speaking markets and Foreign English (American) speaking markets.

• Building and formulation of new brands from the start
Visual language development, as well as development and formulation of proprietary content, marketing materials, slogans, names, leading marketing messages, all on the basis of prior analyses of the market, marketing opportunities, marketing feasibility, and value chain model

• For active brands:  current brand assessment and analysis 
Analysis of relevant background and current situation in  a multi-disciplinary vision:  the brand's strength, competitors, market, target customers/consumers, previous history of marketing and promotional activities and their effectiveness, analysis of barriers to success, opportunity identification, brand empowerment activities – intensifying marketing messages' strength and visual language effectiveness, promoting harmony between the brand's aspired values and what the brand conveys in actuality, comprehensive value-chain analysis and correction for better effectiveness, etc

• Brand Empowerment Solutions
Based on research and analyses, a comprehensive brand empowerment makeover plan and delivery including as needed:  re-branding, new proprietary content development, website “renovation”, and more.

• Marketing Materials
Development of marketing content, proprietary messages, names, slogans, taglines, presentations, brochures, websites (content and concept, navigation routs, UI and visual consultation – not including programming), video clips and any other marketing content 

• Marketing projects management
including supplier management, consultation, hand in hand escort and guidance through all project stages to completion.

I am a registered consultant for small and medium businesses by the TAMAT (The Israel Ministry of Industry Trade & Labor, SMB agency - consultant no. 8491)

Academic Education:
• MBA – Marketing and International Management,
from Tel-Aviv University (1998)

If you like what you saw, and think you could benefit from my services, please do not hesitate to call 

Ephrat (pronounced Efrat) – 972-77-7504210, or 972-50-7504210

Looking forward to hearing from you!